Staff 同工


Royan Yuen | Senior Pastor

袁成忠牧師於香港出生及長大,初中時信耶穌,高中時奉獻作傳道,終身事 主。1979年畢業於香港中文大學,主修神學。畢業後於拔萃女書院任教,期 間繼續進修神學及教育課程,1984年獲道學碩士學位及教育文憑。

袁牧師1988年來美深造,於柏克萊聯合神學研究院修讀舊約聖經研究,1996 年畢業,獲博士學位。袁牧師於1995年6月被美國福音信義會派到翩諾市 (Pinole) 開展華語事工; 同年10月被按立,為本堂的開堂牧師。在袁牧師與   眾弟兄姊妹努力耕耘下,本堂於1999年初正式自立。翌年,袁牧師被總會派 往香港信義宗神學院任教,至2005年8月底完成任務返美 ; 旋即返回本堂,協助牧養工作,2006年二月起再任本堂主任牧師。

Bob Shreve | Children’s Pastor

Graduated from Prairie Bible Institute (PBI) in 1972 with a 4 year diploma in Biblical studies and missions

Graduated from Michigan Technological University (MTU) in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics and a minor in Physics.  As well as a teacher’s certificate for Junior High and above in mathematics and science

Graduated from Children’s Ministry Institute in 2002 with a master teacher certification.

Pastor Bob has been teaching Bible consistently to young and old since 1965. He prefers the inductive Bible study method which he learned at PBI.

Over the years Bob has been a Sunday school teacher, treasurer, deacon, AWANA leader, AWANA director, AWANA commander, director of children’s ministries and a children’s pastor.

Bob has also presented workshops at Bay Area Sunday School Convention for several years on the topics of: “Evolution”, “Biblical Answer to Grief”, “Power of Unintentional Teaching”, and “The Power of a Question.”

Pastor Bob is currently Children’s Pastor at Life Lutheran Church in El Cerrito, CA.

He and his wife, Karen Shreve also teach seminars and teacher training courses to other churches as requested when possible.