Council 執事會

Janny Lee

As I have served the council in past decade, I have the privilege to witness a lot more work of God behind-the-scene: how He provided us miraculously when we had not even asked for it; how He pulled us through crises situations when no good human strategy could offer; how He transformed us, among the council through the years to be bold and passionate for Him.

I believe the leaders of the church has significant impact on the well being of the body of Christ.  Leaders must guard ourselves and stand firm spiritually; engaged with God and His goodness through His Word; refuse any lies apart from the truth revealed in the Bible and His Spirit. I envision a church being a place of worshiping people in love and power. A church is a river carrying message of love, hope and powerful life into the community. We are the little Christ and open heaven for people around us to experience and taste the goodness of God.  Life Lutheran Church (LLC) is small and insignificant in many ways. But when the Holy Spirit came upon the 120 disciples on the day of Pentecost, the world was never the same. My prayer and expectation are having the same experience upon LLC and all churches gathered in Jesus name that God’s name be glorified!

Floria Fung

Why I want to be a Christian? Well…I was a seasonal Christian for a long time, and yet I’m a reborn Christian. No matter who I was, I am, and I will be, I can’t detach from God. I’m glad that my whole family is in and our destiny is the same place. Since temptation is hard to resist, it’s easy to detour but I believe the Holy Spirit will always protect me and guide me through my life until I see Jesus. This is called ‘Faith.’ Without God, I’m nothing. It holds true wherever I go and whenever I need Him. Joining LLC is not a coincidence; indeed, it’s God’s plan to place me here to glorify His name. Oftentimes, I think I’m so little like a grain of sand, but God reassures that I’m strong and I won’t be in lack. Now, if you ask me ‘Why I want to be a Christian?,’ it’s because God loves me first.